For accepted applicants

If accepted, you will be expected to submit the following by Thursday 4 July, 2024:

  • A 10-page (3000 words) paper on your PhD project as a whole. The 10-page paper should be a report of the your ongoing doctoral research and not a conventional conference paper or a report of findings. Rather, it is expected that you briefly present the focus of the research and then take up aspects of the research process (e.g., methodological, theoretical, and practical issues) on which you would like to receive feedback.
  • A 1-page list of up to 5 questions or topics that you would like discussed during the Summer School. Please include the 1-page list at the end of the same PDF file as the 10-page paper.

Further, by the start of the Summer School, you are expected to have prepared a 10-minute presentation covering the main points of your work, as well as read all other papers in your strand and formulated feedback on the paper you have been assigned to act as respondent to.

More detailed information will be communicated to all accepted applicants in due time, including instructions on how to submit the paper and the questions.