Feedback sessions

The purpose of the feedback sessions is to provide you detailed and constructive feedback on your PhD project. Each track is led by a senior scholar (track leader), and include visits from topic-relevant researchers from around Europe.

Each feedback session will be structured accordingly:

  • 10 min presentation by a student introducing their PhD project
  • 10 min feedback from a fellow student in the track
  • 10 min feedback from a topic-relevant researcher
  • 10 min feedback from the track leader
  • 10 min where the presenting student can respond to the feedback
  • 20 min for remarks from other students in the track, and/or general discussion and questions

All feedback is presented orally. Written/in-text feedback is not necessary but allowed if deemed relevant, and only as an addition to the oral feedback. For the presentation of the PhD project, use of audio-visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint) is encouraged.